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About us

equipo Cunovesa


CUNOVESA GRUP offers comprehensive services in engineering, consulting, construction and food control, especially in the food industry.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and the extensive professional experience of our team enable us to take on any type of project, regardless of its size and complexity.

We have a dynamic, flexible, united and highly specialised workforce to provide a complete response to the growth and implementation requirements of the food industry in terms of both engineering and construction services and advisory services relating to sustainability, quality systems, safety and food defence.

CUNOVESA is formed by technicians from different specialities who are put into teams depending on the complexity and type of the project to be developed.

Our team covers the following disciplines in order to offer the best service: Technical Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Technical Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Technical Architecture, Environmentalists, Oenology and Draughtsmanship.

For 10 years now, CUNOVESA has been devoted to continual improvement and adaptation of the food industry to new future challenges. Supported by this extensive experience, the company continues to progress towards becoming the leading partner of its clients, offering international services and sharing knowledge to develop increasingly complete solutions adapted to their specific requirements.

We aim to become an international benchmark in the food industry, renewing our commitment with our clients by constantly incorporating new technologies, optimising resources and preserving the environment, with full service guarantee.


  • Meat industries
  • Dairy produce industries
  • Processed seafood industries
  • Beverage sector industries
  • Bakery industries
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Ready meal industries
  • Wine production industries
  • Logistics activities