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At CUNOVESA we combine the highest levels of technology with a thorough study of the food industry’s production processes to obtain the highest degree of quality in all our projects.

The design of the food industry is based on the logical production sequence. This determines the optimum choice of construction materials and machinery, avoiding any type of cross contamination. We only consider this design to be valid when its efficiency can be proven in terms of productivity, energy and sustainability with a view to minimising and eliminating any risks of environmental pollution.

Technology forms a mainstay in CUNOVESA and is a differentiating factor in all the engineering projects we develop. We are at the forefront in the use of the BIM environment, a method of work that enables us to create virtual models of the works in a very detailed, precise manner.

The BIM environment offers major benefits, such as improved planning in terms of production times and the minimisation of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the work, as it allows for problems to be anticipated. BIM has the support of international and EU governmental agencies.

We also guarantee the preparation of companies who entrust us with their projects for   Industria 4.0 (Smart Factories); a concept that improves adaptability to needs and production processes through digitisation and the use of connected platforms, with a more efficient assignment of resources.



      • Layout of food establishments
      • Feasibility studies
      • Basic construction and installation projects
      • Executive projects
      • Energy efficiency projects
      • Design of industrial installations (electrical, gas, cold water, DHW, industrial cold, elevation devices, fire protection)
      • Design of renewable energy and co-generation installations
      • Design of wastewater and drinking water treatment systems (WWTP and WWC)
      • Landscape and environmental impact studies



We implement projects and materialise, manage and coordinate work in industrial buildings, financially controlling each phase. We are also responsible for the health and safety plans for those people taking part in the work.


We are committed to ensuring all installations and/or activities developed by CUNOVESA meet with current regulations applicable when they are started.

We do all the paperwork, both at the start and during any renewals or modifications. We also offer an alerts service as option to provide real-time information on the status of the administrative authorisations involving your company in order to avoid irregular situations or possible sanctions.

We are permanently in contact with the public authorities to recommend the aid available to maximise the return on investments.

Our services:

  • URBAN PLANNING: Special plans, general plans,glamping
  • BUILDING LICENCES AND PERMITS: Major work, minor work, immediately enforceable permits, connections to the sewerage system, land divisions.
  • INSTALLATION LEGALISATIONS: Electrical, industrial cold, elevation devices, fires, etc.
  • PAPERWORK: Business licence, environmental licence, IHR, etc.
  • REGISTRATIONS: Industrial and health registers (REIC, RIAAC, RSIPAC, waste producer register, administrative authorisations for healthcare centres).
  • GRANTS AND AID: Agriculture, food industry, fisheries, wine production, energy efficiency, etc.
  • SELF-PROTECTION PLANS (PAU), according to Decree 82/2010 of 29 June.
  • Paperwork for the management and treatment of waste.
  • PROCESSING OF REPORTS WITH THE AUTHORITIES. Catalan Water Agency-ACA, Department of Culture and the Media, Institute of Geology of Catalonia, Department of Tourism, Department of Urban Planning, Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.