Aid for the application of Leader participatory local development in Catalonia for the economic diversification of rural areas
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Encourage investments that generate economic activity for the implementation of the local development strategies proposed by the LAGs.
  • Natural or legal persons (micro-enterprises, SMEs, cooperatives, associations or foundations in which public bodies hold a stake of less than 25%) that carry out productive investments in:
    • Companies that process and/or market agri-food products (in the event that the agri-food products are included in Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, they will have to make an eligible investment, for the purposes of this Ordren, of less than 250,000 euros).
    • Non-agri-food companies.
  • Persons of a public nature.
Large companies, natural or legal persons that meet the requirements and conditions to participate in the calls for aid associated with the global operating contract, and investments related to the wine sector are excluded.
Eligible expenditure
Always carried out in the Leader territorial area, and subsequent to the non-commencement visit after the application, actions/investments aimed at the purposes established by the LAGs:
  • Encourage the implementation of investments that generate economic activity.
  • Encourage the creation of employment.
  • Establish specific policies for the youth of the rural world, which promote their rooting and economic and social development.
  • Promote actions aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change and protecting natural resources.
  • Stimulate innovation and knowledge transfer in the agri-food sector.
The beneficiaries must carry out the actions that are the object of the aid and present the justification no later than 30 April of the year following the year in which the aid is granted.
Aid details
  • The procedure for awarding the subsidy is carried out on a competitive basis.
  • Minimum investment of €12,000.00 for private persons; €40,000.00 for public persons.
  • Type and amount of aid:
    • For projects applied for by private persons, the amount of aid may not exceed 40% of the eligible expenses. For projects applied for by public entities, this amount may not exceed 80% of the eligible costs.
    • The amount of aid may not exceed 100,000 euros per beneficiary, per project and per call.
    • The amount of aid will be determined in accordance with the selection and prioritisation criteria defined by each LAG.
    • Companies that process and/or market agri-food products not included in Annex I of the TFEU and non-agri-food companies that are subject to the de minimis aid regulation. Undertakings processing and/or marketing agri-food products included in Annex I to the TFEU and aid to public bodies is also limited to a maximum of EUR 200,000, or EUR 100,000 where applicable, of Leader aid granted during the current fiscal year and the two previous fiscal years.
Application Deadline
The deadline for submitting the application is from 16 July to 30 September 2022.

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