Business competitiveness voucher aid
Encourage the contracting of an advisory service to suppliers accredited by ACCION, to help companies in a process of reflection on their business model and their innovation model, in order to identify the main changes that may impact their business and to define and prioritise a set of initiatives that respond to these changes
Companies with an operational establishment in Catalonia, with the exception of companies in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and companies engaged in the primary production of agricultural products, may be considered as beneficiaries in general.
Eligible investments
Only the cost of the consultancy service provided by suppliers accredited by ACCIÓN will be considered eligible. The selected suppliers will have to be accredited, and therefore have the accreditation in force at the time of applying for the subsidised action.
  • Line 1: Innovation Vouchers: aimed at accompanying members of the management committee and other key people in the organisation in a process of reflection on the business model and the innovation model.
  • Line 2: Industry 4.0 Vouchers: diagnosis to identify opportunities for the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technologies both at a global level and in the areas of strategy and business model, organisation and people, customer-oriented products/services, processes, infrastructures and ecosystem.
VAT, cash payments, supplies, consumables, equipment, software acquisition, website design, app development and any service related to the normal operating costs of the company are not eligible.
Aid Details
  • The subsidy will consist of a single contribution per beneficiary for the provision of a consultancy service with accredited suppliers.
  • Non-competitive competition, and applications will be resolved in chronological order of presentation, once the appropriate verifications have been carried out, and until the budget is exhausted.
  • The same beneficiary may receive a maximum of three coupons, with a maximum of one coupon for each line of aid, with the exception of the Internationalisation Coupons line, in which two coupons may be received, provided that one of them is an e-trade coupon.
  • The minimum expenditure, incurred and justified, of the activity that is the object of the aid required in order to consider the object and purpose of the aid to be fulfilled is 80% of the approved cost of the subsidised action.
  • Maximum amounts:
    • Line 1 Innovation Coupons Maximum 8,000€.
    • Line 2 Industry 4.0 Coupons.
  • Subsidised projects may be executed between 1 January 2022 and 30 September 2023 and no extensions to this period will be granted.
  • Subsidies under the Minimis regulation.
Deadline for submission of applications
From 26 May 2022 to 30 November 2022.

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