Energy renovation of existing buildings 2021 (PREE5000)
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Support for energy refurbishment in existing buildings in demographically challenged municipalities
Compatible / Incompatible
The aid of this line is compatible with any other aid, other programmes or instruments of any public administrations or public bodies or entities, national or international, particularly of the European Union, insofar as this aid does not cover the same costs and that, cumulatively, the limits are not exceeded for those final recipients that are companies or carry out any economic activity, by which they offer goods and/or services on the market.
  • Natural or legal persons of a private or public nature who are owners of existing buildings intended for any use.
  • Communities of owners or groups of communities of owners of residential buildings for residential use.
  • Owners who are grouped together as owners of buildings, who meet the requirements established in article 396 of the Civil Code and who have not granted the constitutive title of Horizontal Property.
  • Companies that operate, lease or hold concessions for buildings.
  • Energy service companies or energy service providers.
  • Renewable energy communities and citizen energy communities.
  • Local entities or public administrations of the Autonomous Regions on behalf of CCPPs or other building owners.
Eligible investments
Always in municipalities with demographic challenges in Catalonia, one or several actions may be carried out:
  • Typology 1: Improvement of the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope.
  • Typology 2: Improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in thermal installations for heating, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water for all uses of existing complete buildings (option A):
    • Sub-typology 2.1: Substitution of conventional energy by solar thermal energy.
    • Sub-typology 2.2: Substitution of conventional energy by geothermal energy.
    • Sub-typology 2.3: Substitution of conventional energy by biomass in thermal installations.
    • Sub-typology 2.4: Improving the energy efficiency of generation sub-systems not included above, such as heat pumps.
    • Sub-typology 2.5: Improvement of the energy efficiency of distribution, regulation, control and emission subsystems of thermal installations.
Option A: Actions in existing compliant buildings used for single-family housing, residential, collective, any other use (administrative, health, educational, cultural, etc.).
Non-eligible investments
  • Those carried out in newly constructed buildings (from 2007).
  • Investments in existing buildings that entail an extension, in which the surface area or built volume is increased, or which entail a change of use.
  • Actions on one or several dwellings or premises in the same building, considered individually or on parts of a building, option B of article 17.5 of Royal Decree 691/202.
  • The improvement of the energy efficiency of lighting installations, option C of article 17.7 of Royal Decree 691/2021. Licences, fees, taxes or levies.
Non-repayable subsidy. Incentive character. Minimum investment of €10,000. Applications will be selected in strict order of presentation until the funds are exhausted. The building on which the action is taken must have been built before 2007 and the action must achieve a 30% reduction in non-renewable primary energy consumption compared to the initial situation, as well as an improvement of one letter of the energy rating. It will also be necessary to reuse, recycle and recover 70% of the non-hazardous construction and demolition waste.
  • Implementation period: 18 months from the date of notification of the award decision.
  • Period for justification: 21 months from the notification of the concession resolution.
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope: 50% + additional aid.
  • Improvement of the efficiency in the thermal installations: 40% + additional aid.
Presentation of applications
From 09:00 on 22 February until the budget is exhausted or until 31 December 2023.

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