Investments in processing facilities, wine infrastructure, structures and marketing tools.
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Wine sector intervention aid under the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027.
Tangible and intangible investments in processing facilities and wine-growing infrastructure, as well as in marketing structures and instruments with the aim of improving the overall performance of wine-growing enterprises and their adaptation to market demands, as well as increasing their competitiveness, including with a view to improving energy savings, overall energy efficiency, and sustainable and digitalised processes.
  • Wine companies.
  • Wine producer organisations.
  • Associations of two or more producers.
  • Interprofessional organisations.
  • Professional organisations.

Eligible expenditure

  • Construction, acquisition or improvement of real estate.
  • Purchase of new machinery and equipment.
  • Administrative costs linked to the investment.
  • Acquisition or development of computer software and acquisition of patents, licences, copyrights and the registration of collective trademarks.
  • Investments made for quality control.
  • Investments made for marketing.
Data Support
  • Investments may be annual or biennial (with the exception of the 2026-2027 call).
  • Minimum general investment of 100.000 € (modifiable according to the autonomous community).
  • Maximum investment with no limit as to the total amount, but limited in the maximum unit prices per type of action (urbanisation, buildings, projects...).
  • Deadline for justification: 30 April of the corresponding EAGF financial year (annual or biennial).
  • Prioritisation criteria apply.
  • Percentages of aid:
    • Up to 50 % in the Autonomous Communities classified as less developed regions, depending on the type of enterprise.
    • Up to 40 % in the Autonomous Communities other than the least-developed regions, depending on the type of enterprise.
    • Up to 75 % in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands and other outermost regions, depending on the type of enterprise.
Deadline for applications
The deadline for submission of applications for the first call will be from 27 October 2022 to 1 April 2023. For the remaining calls, applications for support must be submitted in general before 1 February of each year.

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