What does it mean to work at Cunovesa Group?

The success of Cunovesa Group could not be explained without its collaborators: its contributions and involvement are our key. That's why at Cunovesa we do our best to create pleasant work environments. Our goal is for all people who are part of the company to maintain a positive, open and collaborative attitude, exercising without barriers of gender or origin.

More diversity means more talent!

What do we offer?

We are convinced that it is thanks to our team that we are able to grow and have good results. That's why we take care of our collaborators through different policies:

Training plans

Not only do we want you to be part of our team, we want you to stay and grow with us.
That's why we offer you individualized training plans, tailored to your preferences and the needs of the company.

Flexible remuneration

You can customize the collection of your salary to benefit from a series of products or services that enjoy tax advantages, such as: Medical insurance, Transport Card, Restaurants, Training, Childcare ... to squeeze the most out of your salary.

CSR actions

We collaborate with various organizations, such as the Bosch Foundation, through the purchase, donation of computer equipment, financial donations for their development projects, etc.

Team Building

Every year we carry out interdepartmental activities with the aim of strengthening the links between co-workers. We also believe in the values that sport promotes, which is why we promote sports activity by encouraging teamwork.

Join our team!