Breeam certificate: sustainable constructions and efficient consumption
The agri-food engineering and construction sector, of which we are specialists, is immersed in a process of change that, for some years now, has involved major transformations to implement more sustainable methods
To quantify and analyze the sustainability of a building in Spain, there are mainly five internationally recognized and used certification systems. One of the most present in the Spanish market is the British Breeam, from its acronym Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology.
This system aims to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the building from its construction to the end of its useful life. In addition to stimulating the demand for sustainable buildings.
The seal evaluates the environmental impacts in 10 categories:
  • Management: commissioning, construction management policies, operating guidelines and environmental management system.
  • Health and Well-being: comfort of the occupants in areas such as heating, lighting, air quality or noise.
  • Energy: minimization of energy consumption, energy efficiency of equipment and implementation of renewable energies.
  • Transport: location of the plot, access to public transport, proximity to services, pedestrian access and infrastructure for alternative modes of transport.
  • Water consumption efficiency
  • Materials: materials with low energy content, responsible treatment of material resources and use of materials with low environmental impact.
  • Waste: reduction of waste generated in the work and the operation of the building.
  • Land use and ecology: location and type of land on which the building stands, as well as the protection and valuation of natural resources and biodiversity.
  • Pollution: minimization of the environmental footprint
  • Innovation: Allows the recognition of improvements in the field of sustainability that are not rewarded through standard requirements.
In addition to the category, the labels have a point system that assigns a note to each project. The scale ranges from correct, when the certification is less than thirty points, to exceptional, when the score is 85 points or higher. In addition, there is the good certification, with 45 or less points; very good, with 55 points or less, or excellent, with 70 points or more.
In this context, at Cunovesa we are committed to sustainability, and to the guidelines set out in the 2030 Agenda. For this reason, one of our projects for this year is already going to be registered to obtain the Breeam sustainable certification, being one of the one of the first to achieve this milestone within the food sector.
"The BREEAM certification has become our ally to continue offering our clients sustainable solutions." Josetxu Ruiz, director of the northern delegation of Cunovesa Group “ engineering and with Sustainable construction is above all a commitment to quality and the search for excellence. Wanting to build better and go beyond the standard. It is the present and future of the sector.

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