Experts in projects for the meat industry
The meat industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, marked by upward trends in exports of all types of meat (pork, beef, poultry and sheep).
In addition, the pandemic caused by COVID19 has also led to the adaptation of the sector to a new situation, where domestic consumption has increased significantly. Likewise, the digitization of these companies, as well as the adaptation to the different demands of the distribution market, mean that this sector has been and is being very dynamic. In recent years, expansions of new meat industries have been carried out throughout their transformation cycle, until reaching what we know as the meat-based production industries.
The meat industry is the first industry in turnover within the Spanish food industry, more than 28%, and has a very important weight not only in developed countries such as the United States, Spain, Germany, but also in those emerging countries, where expect an increase in demand.
Particularly noteworthy has been the impact of African swine fever (ASF), which has negatively influenced the production of Asian and Middle Eastern countries, which means that these countries are increasingly importing meat products.
For this reason, at Cunovesa, we reinforce our experience and knowledge in this industry, in order to improve our engineering, food safety and construction services, adapting to new challenges.
At Cunovesa we develop projects for the meat industry from start to finish, providing value-added solutions to our clients, from the master plan to the start-up of the project. In addition to simplifying management, this option improves process efficiency, since it centralizes the coordination of the different agents involved in the work. (Engineering-Facultative Management-Project Manager-Construction-Commissioning). In this sense, we have designed and built industrial establishments linked to the transformation of meat, such as slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, sausage factories and meat processing plants.
International presence
Cunovesa Group has participated in international projects in Africa and adapted to the production standards of the country of origin. The latest works have been carried out in Angola, Morocco, Mauritania and Guinea, currently increasing the demand for these services on the African continent.
In the words of Josep Novellas, CEO of Cunovesa Group: "The meat industry needs to maintain a level of competitiveness that allows it to face the challenges of sustainability in the short and medium term".

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