Fire protection specialists
In any industrial establishment it is necessary to always have the Activity License up to date, which is always determined based on the different Autonomous and State Environmental Laws that regulate them, as well as compliance with the different technical regulations that regulate the legalization of the various Industrial facilities.
We highlight as one of the most important and that directly affects the activity, the Fire Protection Regulations.
Particularly, at Cunovesa, we are specialists in the Food Industry, and we know that compliance with the basic Fire Protection Regulations, such as the Technical Regulations for Fire Protection in Industrial Establishments and the Regulations for Fire Protection Installations (among others) greatly affect the design of these industries. For this reason, it is vitally important before undertaking any action in a food industry, whether partial or new, to carry out an exhaustive study of the situation of the PCI facilities, since the action will not only influence the affected area, but probably in other areas of the factory.
The sectorization that has a special impact on the design of the Lay Out; passive protection to guarantee the fire stability of structures, which affects their calculation, or active protection that can have a great influence on the investment to be made, must be taken into account in the design.
All of them are aspects that, when well studied and planned, together with the knowledge of the processes of the food industry, guarantee us fire safety in our projects.
You can contact us for any questions related to fire safety.

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