Interview with Josetxu Ruiz, delegate of Cunovesa in Bilbao
Josetxu Ruiz.png
In this interview, Josetxu Ruiz, delegate from the north zone, tells us about the new branch opened this 2021
1. Why is now the time to open a new branch, after 12 years as a consolidated company in the city of Barcelona?
The food industry sector is constantly evolving, and paradoxically in this strange year, where the economy in general has been very negatively affected, many of our clients have grown significantly in production and turnover. This has prompted us to open the new Delegation, which allows us to reach more customers.
2. In addition to the expansion of the company, what are the opportunities offered by Bilbao to Cunovesa?
Bilbao is a strategic location for Cunovesa, since its location allows us to serve customers closely not only in the Basque Country, but also in other areas where the food industry is very present, such as La Rioja, Navarra, Cantabria, Burgos, etc. Although we really do not set borders, and we always say that we can undertake projects anywhere in the geography.
3. How has the health crisis that has been experienced this past year impacted the sector? Is this opening the beginning of recovery?
As I have already mentioned before, the health crisis has led to growth in many companies in the sector, especially during the first half of 2020. In addition, fortunately, the economic cycles of the food industry, although they also occur as in other sectors, are not characterized by large peaks or large valleys, as has been the case in the tourism sector, or the automobile sector, for example.
All in all, I personally believe that full recovery at a global level will take a few years.
4. What are the objectives to be met for this new stage of Cunovesa?
We want to become a benchmark in engineering and EPC services within the food industry. Specialization is fundamental for our clients. It is what they are looking for.
5. With what three words would you define the company?
a. Young team
b. Dynamic
c. Brave
6. What are the new challenges for Cunovesa in Bilbao?
The main challenge that lies ahead is that our Cunovesa Group brand, that our company, be as well known as possible. Little by little, we are achieving it.
7. Is the expansion of the company planned in other parts of the national territory – or internationally – in the near future?
That question should still be answered by our Director General, but I would tell you that our DNA will take us to more areas. But little by little.

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