Food control

Our Food control business line is oriented exclusively to food advice and management.

Management systems
  • Food safety
  • Hazard analysis and control point systems
  • Implementation of management systems that allow the company to be certified according to the standards of the ISO/FSSC 22000 standards.
  • Food Defense
  • Food authenticity
  • Environmental management systems

Management advice
  • Internal audits
  • Hygienic audits
  • Assistance in client audits
  • Assistance in client audits and control entity
  • Management of data analysis meetings and improvement proposals (analysis of the results of your management system and the proposal for improvements, indicators...)
  • Outsourcing of quality departments
  • Process improvement projects

Legal and regulatory advice
  • Legal audits on food safety and quality
  • Labeling for conventional and specific products (ecological, halal, kosher)
  • Import-export
  • Audits in organic agri-food production
  • Incorporation of new products to the company

Environmental administrative management
  • Advice on administrative procedures, permits and authorizations:
    • Waste management
      • Waste characterization
      • Optimization for waste management. We coordinate waste management through the authorized managers of the different administrations of the autonomous communities.
  • Water management
    • Declaration of the Use and Contamination of Water (DUCA), presentation of the quarterly declaration of the volume of water (B6), self-control management of discharges.
    • Characterization of wastewater and against samples.
    • Advice and support in inspections of the Administration.
  • Maintenance
    • Activities license
    • Environmental license

Organic agri-food production
  • Registration and expansion in the CCPAE
  • Support in administrative procedures

  • Food hygiene
  • Quality management